A. Wong The Cookbook by Andrew Wong

I love Chinese food – Cantonese food in particular. Har gao. Siu mai. Char siu steamed buns. I am obsessed with beautifully crafted dim sum bursting with flavour. Other Cantonese food favourites include steamed fish with ginger and spring onions, and the sweet custard egg tarts that were inspired by English custard tarts and PortugueseContinue reading “A. Wong The Cookbook by Andrew Wong”

Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast

I love this book because it’s packed full of delicious vegetarian recipes that are so good that even the biggest carnivore you know won’t have any complaints. Here are some of the recipes I have tried. Get it here. Crisp aubergine with sweet spiced yoghurt and pomegranates Succulent slices of aubergine make the perfect bedContinue reading “Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast”

Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen by Vineet Bhatia

Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen by Vineet Bhatia is one of my favourite cookbooks. It features a range of delicious recipes for chutneys, curries, biriyanis, desserts and more. Here are some of the dishes that I have made along with my photos. Purchase it on Amazon. South Indian-style chicken masala with curry leaves This dish isContinue reading “Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen by Vineet Bhatia”

Roast chicken with chicken sauce

This roast chicken is perfect for a Sunday roast. The tender chicken with its crispy skin and umami-rich sauce is unbeatable. The chicken is browned in a pan before roasting to give it extra flavour from the Maillard reaction. The first few steps of this recipe involve making a chicken stock to make a chickenContinue reading “Roast chicken with chicken sauce”